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    Best Way to Lose Weight: Think Long Haul, Not Quick Results

    It can be tempting to go for a "quick fix" when trying to slim down, but is it the best way to lose weight? Whether you want to fit into a little black dress or get ready for swimsuit season, it’s healthy and often easier to keep the weight off if you take the slow and steady route over fast weight loss. Why? Here are a few things to consider when creating your weight loss plan. 
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    5 Blogs You Should Follow for the Best Healthy Recipes This Holiday Season

    We’ve all experienced the nagging temptation of the dessert table at the holiday party. But this season you can set yourself up for success by bringing a healthy meal or dessert to the party. Are you hosting this year? No problem! We’ve compiled a list of the best healthy recipe blogs for you to find delicious diet-friendly holiday meal ideas.

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    Eating Healthy During the Holidays: Foods to Avoid

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    5 Fitness Apps You Need to Download Before 2018

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    Four Fundamental Exercises to Target Your Back

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    The Best Gym Equipment and Classes For Any Stage of Your Pregnancy

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    11 Midnight Snacks (For Every Craving) That Won’t Derail Your Diet

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