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    5 Leg Press Variations to Carve Strong, Defined Legs

    The leg press is a staple workout machine at gyms, but often gets a bad rep because it isn't as complex as the squat. But if you're looking for sheer size, the leg press may be in a class by itself since there are so many different ways to safely increase the growth-producing intensity. Read on to learn five ways you can get more results from this machine.

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    4 Core Exercises That Will Give Your Golf Swing More Power

    Build strong abs at the gym with the best core exercise to improve your golf game. When you have a goal in mind, hitting the gym is much less stressful as you are motivated to make the most of your time. A strong core can help alleviate back pain, improve posture, but also improve several other areas of your lifestyle, including your golf game! Get the most power into your swing with a strong core from some of our favorite abdominal exercises.

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