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    Advanced Weight Loss 101: Easy Steps to Lose Weight Fast

    When it comes to advanced weight loss, your approach should be more than just hitting the gym and eating healthier. Instead, you have to commit to a complete lifestyle change.

    The only way to take your weight loss from a few pounds to the changes you really want to see is to change your habits for a lifetime.

    What to keep in mind before starting your weight loss journey

    Before you take drastic measures to achieve super fast weight loss results, remember the phrase, “if it were easy, anyone would do it!” Losing weight is tricky for so many people because the healthiest way to achieve results is by changing your day-to-day routine. Yes, fad diets and cleanses may help you slim down quickly. But if it's not a realistic diet for you to stick with long-term, chances are you will gain the weight back, if not more. 

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    From High Heels to Rolling Hills: A Story of Victory from Jersey Strong’s Lauren Brown

    There was a red velvet Nutella bomb chocolate chip cookie waiting at the end.

    At a certain point during your first duathlon event – a competitive race that combines rigorous outdoor biking with running – your legs might feel like they aren’t completely attached to your body. Like Bambii taking his first steps, they will start to have a mind of their own. In fact, nothing truly prepares you for how your legs will feel at the end of that last run.

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