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    How Stress Sabotages Your Weight Loss (and How to Beat It)

    We all know stress is really, really bad for us. It can cause unwanted weight loss, it can cause unwanted weight gain, and it can cause various health problems, including cancer, heart disease, and as a result, early death.

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    Topics: Weight Loss, Healthy Living

    5 Easy Meal Preps for Back-to-School Season That Parents Love, Too

    Getting back in the back-to-school groove is almost impossible without a plan. And planning is a good idea when you have lunches to pack, backpacks to check, and kids to send off to the bus. To the parents out there who are trying to keep their kids’ health in check while still paying attention to their own: we salute you. But it’s hard. So what if you combine your meal planning with your kids?

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    Here’s What Science Has to Say About Morning vs. Evening Workouts

    Topics: Fitness & Exercise, Healthy Living

    Healthy Foods To Eat Before Bed

    Topics: Eating Well

    Our Trainers Share Their Favorite Strength Training Tips

    Topics: Fitness & Exercise

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

    Topics: Weight Loss, Fitness & Exercise

    The Tips Our Trainers Give to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Topics: Fitness & Exercise, holiday, healthy

    Winter Workouts & Wellness: The Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Fitness

    Topics: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Fitness & Exercise

    Personal Trainer Profile: Former Mrs. New Jersey Winner Catherine Zalewski on Surviving Two Strokes

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