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    She Lost Her Mom to Cancer. Her Gym Community Helped Her Through.

    In September of 2017, 27-year-old Meghan Benware moved to New Jersey to start a new life. She was ready to make changes to her health. She’d tried to get in shape before, but the story was always the sameeither gyms didn’t make her feel worth their time or she was actually turned away. When she got to New Jersey, she clocked in at 320 lbs. And she didn’t want to be anymore.

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    Barre Workouts Still Rock: A Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Low Impact Strength Class

    As you’re reading this, you’re probably slumped in your chair, or hunched over your phone. Your spine is compressed, your abdominal organs are squished together, and your blood flow is hindered. Your jaw might be clenched, your tongue might be tensed to the roof of your mouth, and your eyebrows might be cinched together. Bad posture is bad news for your health long term, and it's become so common in our daily lives that we tend to forget about how we hold ourselves.

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    6 Resources to Meet a New Workout Buddy

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    9 Cardio Workouts for Women (That Don’t Involve a Treadmill)

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    10 Motivational Fitness Quotes to Keep You Going Strong in 2019

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    How Stress Sabotages Your Weight Loss (and How to Beat It)

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