6 Things Our Trainers Wished You Knew About Advanced Weight Loss

by Doug Hawxhurst on Oct 14, 2016 12:55:32 PM

6_Things_Our_Trainers_Wished_You_Knew_About_Advanced_Weight_Loss.jpgWhen it comes to advanced weight loss, it's more than just hitting the gym and eating healthier, it is a commitment to a lifestyle change. The only way to take your weight loss from a few pounds to the changes you really want to see, is to change your habits for a lifetime. Continue on the road to advanced weight loss with these simple changes, that can create long-term habits for a total lifestyle change. 

Simple Tips for Advanced Weight Loss

  1. Move whenever possible. You've been told already to take the stairs, but when it comes to seeing advanced weight loss, it's these small changes that will make all the difference. Heading to the grocery store? Stop circling the aisles for the closest parking spot. Park not only far back in the lot, but on the opposite side of the entrance. 
  2. Snack smarter. If you have a dinner with friends planned, don't wait hours to indulge in your night out. Have a protein shake before heading out so you can indulge, but won't feel the need to devour the menu. 
  3. Drink more water. Yes, you've heard this before, but it is on the list because we bet no matter how many times you've heard it you could still use to drink more. Drink water before meals and snacks to ensure you're not just eating because you're dehydrated. 
  4. Be consistent. Never miss more than two consecutive workouts. It is easy to have a rest day and get back on track. It's also easy to miss three days and begin to feel like your progress is too far gone. By giving yourself a maximum amount of days you can skip for life happenings, you'll stay consistent with your workouts. 
  5. Go to the gym when you DON'T want to. This is the best time to go because you will impress yourself the most. We all have the days where you just can't find the energy to hit your workout. Instead of calling a skip day, lower your workout expectations and commit to even doing a low intensity workout. Chances are once you get into your workout, your energy will increase and you'll always feel much better about your decision. 
  6. Hit the gym before you go out. Weekend workouts not only help you make smarter choices once you are out at a restaurant or bar, but will keep you committed to time management, a habit definitely needed when weight loss is a long term goal. 

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