Clean Up Your Spring Fitness Routine

by Jersey Strong on Jun 5, 2018 3:26:00 PM

Spring_FitnessTGIS! Thank Goodness It's Spring! We’re not going to let the rainy weather or abundance of pollen keep our spirits down. We’re ready to take advantage of the seasonal transitions and giving spring-cleaning a whole new meaning as we revamp our workout routines and healthy habits to get ready for warmer days and a JERSEY STRONG summer!

Did your New Year's resolutions seem to get pushed aside? Take into account what you were able to fit into your schedule and set new goals that are more realistic for your lifestyle — keeping in mind what you’re working toward. Don’t set out to start working out five days a week. The first week you miss that schedule you’re likely to lose that motivation altogether. Instead, start small and gradually work to your ideal goal.

Spring Workouts

Refresh your routine by challenging yourself in new ways. Instead of just adding some pushups onto the end of your workout, roundup some moves: pushups, squats, jumping jacks, jump rope, and instead of trying a few every couple days, create your own circuit workout. Time yourself and you've created a brand new workout that will challenge you to beat your time or up your rep count every week!

We often tell you to grab a gym buddy, because ‘exercise loves company’ (quote: Mary Roma). We still think this is true, but maybe your gym buddy let you down or can’t always make it. Take to the social world and find some fitspiration at any time! Have you visited our Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest pages? Have a question for our team? Send us a message, we love to chat and hear about your progress! Search your favorite social channel for Facebook or Pinterest groups and you’re sure to find thousands of other like-minded people with the same goals! Share tips, get advice, and best of all, get motivated!

During our spring cleaning we’re not only getting rid of those dust bunnies that have sought refuge in dark corners all winter long, we’re getting deep into the food pantry and finally parting ways with some of the foods that bring us regret in the morning. There will be no more late night indulging for us!

Do you remember the last time you got a physical? It was probably right before junior year when you decided to join the track team because you found out you could throw things. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor for a physical to keep track of things like, cholesterol, blood pressure and any possible vitamin deficiencies. Doing so will help you design a workout that’s best for you, and don’t worry you don’t need to hand in a signed form before next Friday.

What are your new goals for spring and how do you plan to achieve them? Let us know, we'd love to hear how you plan on Keeping Jersey Strong! Need a little extra motivation? We can help! Head over to your local Jersey Strong and let one of our personal trainers lead you to swimsuit season with a beach body!


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