High Protein Foods to Eat Before Your Workout

by Doug Hawxhurst on Jun 8, 2016 4:24:42 PM

High_Protein_Foods.jpgThe best way to prepare for a workout: having a snack consisting of high protein foods. Before you mix your preworkout, understand exactly why your workout will benefit from a high protein snack. Foods high in protein will help you avoid feeling sick from having something heavy and too high in fat, or just the opposite, feeling fatigued or light headed from not eating enough. A high protein snack fuels your muscles to perform better, so your workout is more efficient.

Easy to Prepare High Protein Foods

  1. Oatmeal with Whey Protein
    If you're waking up early for a morning workout, this is great way to incorporate a high protein and carbohydrate meal into your preworkout routine. If you have a sweet tooth you might be a fan of adding chocolate or apple cinnamon protein for some flavorful oats. This also works as overnight oats if you’re preparing ahead of time.
  2. Eggs and Toast
    Probably one of the simplest and cheapest snacks you can have to fuel your workout. If you have time you can enjoy your eggs any style you like. However, what we especially love is that hard boiled eggs have the protein you need and are basically in their own little carrying case. Pack your eggs with an english muffin and you have your protein and carbs ready for your workout.
  3. Turkey Wrap
    We love a turkey wrap because you get the nutrients you need, but it doesn’t really feel like diet food and you can carry it in one hand (don’t worry, you’ll get your wrapping skills down eventually). We don’t know what we look forward to more, the turkey wrap or the workout. Our favorite way to wrap it up is with mustard, fresh spinach, and some sliced cucumbers for extra crunch. Low fat, high protein, and the carbs you need to energize your workout.

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