Strength Training Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

by Doug Hawxhurst on May 2, 2016 1:49:41 PM


Including strength training into your workout routine is a smart decision. It can increase your metabolism, help you lose weight faster, increase your mobility and flexibility, and make you overall stronger! It can also come with some risks. Strength training with poor form can cause injury, for example. Make the most of your strength training workouts by avoiding these common mistakes.

Essential Tips for Strength Training

A common strength training mistake is losing track of your workouts. It’s important to give muscles the necessary rest periods, so keeping a log of your workouts can help. It is a great way to plan ahead, as well as check back over time to see all the progress you’ve made! Keeping a log can also help you challenge yourself and determine an exercise that may have triggered pain. 

Not setting a specific goal can be a mistake you didn’t realize you should have made. A goal doesn’t necessarily have to be losing weight, competing in a contest, or be something very dramatic. It could be building up your strength to complete an entire set of pushups. It sounds simple, but what an accomplishment! Don’t downplay your goals. Always set a goal, and celebrate when you achieve it. Having goals to conquer will keep you accountable to work towards something everyday.

Everybody’s body is different so don’t make the mistake of taking your best friend’s word on an exercise or diet. While trying something new is great, knowing your body well enough to decide what is right for you is very important. Your friend might be on a particular diet for gluten sensitivity, while you are training for a race and need more carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. Or an online workout may call for shoulder exercises while you are recovering from an injury. Always be open to exploring your options and learn what works best for yourself.

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