What’s the Right Amount of Cardio?

by Jersey Strong on Feb 9, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Right-Amount-CardioToo much cardio can injure you. Too little and it’s not having an impact. Whether you’re just starting a weight loss journey, or ready to kick up the intensity, finding the right amount of cardio for your goals is important.  

Cardio exercise is great to burn extra calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness, allowing you to run further and longer. While many people are not looking to become a marathon runner, improving your cardiovascular exercise is necessary to meet your weight loss goals.

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss 

As you improve your ability to run long and faster, you will be able to try new workouts, such as interval training adding sprints, or running faster for a shorter period of time. Not only does this improve your overall health, it helps you burn more calories as you intensify your workout and change your body’s routine. It is necessary to add new cardio workouts to your routine because as you adapt, for example, to a 20 minute jog on the treadmill, two weeks later, when that workout is not a challenge for you anymore, you will lose the effectiveness and burn less calories.

Just like weight training, short, intense workouts can be just as beneficial as a longer workout. What is most important is to constantly challenge your ability level to achieve your goals. Always start slow at your ability level and increase the intensity. If running feels out of your comfort zone, sign up for a cycle class and start in a classroom atmosphere. Begin by walking on the treadmill and increase the speed and incline levels over time until you are ready for a more challenging jog or run. Most importantly, start slow if you are a new runner, and always find new ways to challenge your cardio workouts to continue the intensity to meet your goals.

Intensify Your Workouts with Cardio 

Another great way to test your cardio level is to sign up for a 5k. Don’t be intimated, many 5k fun runs are more about getting families out and active. By setting a “race” date, like in the beginning of summer, not only will you be working towards your weight loss goals, but you’ll be working towards a very physical goal to hit 3.1 miles on that date!

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