What's Your Overall Fitness Level?

by Jersey Strong on Jan 26, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Fitness-QuizExactly how fit are you? Do you know the exercise and fitness myths from the facts? 

Take this short quiz and find out exactly what area you should be focusing on this year!


1. What’s your fitness motto?

a. I run to eat.

b. Trim and thin!

c. No pain, no gain.


2. After a long day’s work, all you want is dinner - right now - and not made by you. Which menu choice calls your name?

a. The biggest salad they have - I’m thinking two types of lettuce, croutons, meat, all the veggies, extra cheese, and a generous amount of dressing.

b. Grilled salmon with roasted veggies on the side - simple, tasty, and light to eat.

c. A big juicy cheeseburger. Trust me - with all the work I’ve put in at the gym this week, it won’t hurt a thing.


3. Today’s your designated workout day - but you think you’re coming down with a cough. What do you do?

a. Take the day off - it’s time to curl up with orange juice and comfort food.

b. Forgo the gym and go for a light walk - it’s still activity, but not taxing on the body.

c. Power through it  - fitness doesn’t get any days off!


4. What’s your favorite fast food replacement?

a. Forgoing the burger for a grilled chicken sandwich.

b. Skipping the breakfast biscuit for a parfait with berries.

c. Avoiding the drive thru and getting an egg white protein sandwich instead.


5. Do you stretch before every workout?

a. Sure do. I come prepared with my post-workout peanut butter too!

b. Are you kidding me? My workout includes stretching!

c. Only for cardio. For weightlifting, I do a workout instead.


Mostly A’s

Your focus for the year: nutrition! You’ve got the fitness knowledge down, but you might be swayed by your love of food, or common nutrition myths! Bone up on some healthy eating facts - or even consider getting a custom meal plan created for you.

Mostly B’s

While you don’t love the idea of intense cardio, you do love the idea of staying trim. Workouts based on getting toned and staying lean are just what you need this year - think pilates, yoga, and even Zumba! 

Mostly C’s

Slow down there! You’re ready to focus on building and toning muscle to keep your body in tip-top shape. Just be sure that you’re staying fit in a healthy way. Keep up the protein, and make sure you’re watching your body’s limits! 

All over the place?

You’re well rounded - Your focus is on overall healthy living, with more than just one solitary goal.  This year, track your fitness and nutrition challenges so you know what’s holding you back.


Still have questions?

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