Women Deserve The Gym Too, Oprah!

by Mary Roma on Nov 8, 2015 10:09:18 AM

Too many women fear the gym. They want to live healthy lives, but they don't want to open the gym doors and come inside for fear of being judged. I've seen it for years, and I've made it my mission to help empower women to get inside the gym. After all, it is much harder to live a healthy life if you can't exercise inside a health club.  

Last week, I shared my open letter to Oprah with all of you. Today were stepping it up and seeing how all of you can get involved in our mission.

Listen to me, here's my call to Oprah and my call to all of you. 

While working with Weight Watchers, Oprah has the power to change things. Instead of being afraid to be seen at the gym, women watching their weight can be encouraged to visit the gym. To take back the power.

I can't do this alone! WoWzers, exercise fans, and healthy livers, I'm calling out to you for health! It's time for women to stop fearing the gym, and with Oprah's help, we can make this happen.

What has eating healthy and exercising done for you? It's time to tell your story!

How has it changed your life? I want to hear your story, and I want you to share it, tagging it on social media with #OprahOpenTheDoor. You can record a video, write a little something, create an image, whatever you want. But I want to hear why this is important to you.

And more importantly, let's tell Oprah. Let's tell her WHY it's so important to get ladies inside the gym. 

Men, you can do this too! I know you want the ladies you love eating healthy, exercising, and living healthy. Tell us how living a healthy life has improved things for you.

I believe the gym should be a safe place for ALL people - and I'm counting on all of you to help me get that message heard.

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