W.I.T.S. - Team Member Since 2015
Location: Middletown


My Fitness Philosophy

My personal philosophy towards fitness and exercise is that if one can dream it, one can achieve it. I believe visualizing and setting a goal towards fitness is key to attaining that goal. I always tell my clients, "What the mind sees, the body does."

What Jersey Strong Means To Me
Jersey Strong means to me that we can be strong as a state, and do our own individual parts to be on the forefront to combat this epidemic known as obesity.
Why I am Passionate About Being at Jersey Strong

The aspect of working with members/clients that I find most rewarding is seeing the results from the hard work put in at the gym, and more so, seeing how elated the members/clients get after recognizing their results.


"Visualize your success. Then go and do it."
-Arnold Schwarzenegger