Group Ride, R-30, Mad Dogg Athletics "Spinning" Certified - Team Member Since 2011
Location: East Brunswick

Craig Stark

My Fitness Philosophy

I believe that fitness goes far beyond making you look good, it improves your health and wellbeing, quality of life, self-esteem, and self-concept. I believe that fitness and exercise should be something that is both fun and enjoyable, something that you look forward to, something that leaves you feeling satisfied, with a sense of success and accomplishment. It is making a decision to change your life, and taking the steps necessary to make it happen.

What Jersey Strong Means To Me

Jersey Strong is that CAN DO mindset that we all have. The ability to identify a goal that you are passionate about and the persistence to do what it takes to reach that goal, the drive to "NEVER GIVE UP!"

At Jersey Strong you will find that you are surrounded by people with the same mindset. The Management team, the Trainers, Instructors, support staff, and fellow members joining together to educate, motivate, and support, each other and help you enjoy your fitness journey. You can do it, and we can help!

Why I am Passionate About Being at Jersey Strong

It is so rewarding to see a member come into one of OUR classes (because it is not MY class, I may be at the front of the room, but it is OUR class). The member may voice their concerns that they "may not be able to make the entire class", but they want to try. I take the time to properly set them up on the bike, explain to them what they are about to experience and do, reassure them that they can work at their pace and remind them that everyone in the class, including myself were all in the same situation at some point, taking our "first class". To see this person work through the entire class, get off of the bike exhausted yet elated that they "made it". To speak with them after class and see the smile and sense of accomplishment that they feel is a feeling that never gets old. To see them return to classes week after week in their fitness journey is even more rewarding.

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."
– Bruce Lee