Group Groove, Zumba, ViPR - Team Member Since 2010
Location: Manalapan


My Fitness Philosophy

If you can move then do just that--MOVE!!  Don't choose a sedentary lifestyle.  A one hour workout is only 4% of ur day. It's not about having time, it's about making time. Time for you! Make it and look forward to it. And at any time you feel like your losing motivation with what you're currently doing, don't give up. Try something new. There are so many ways to get a 60 minute workout.  

What Jersey Strong Means To Me
Having balance mentally and physically and being positive. Waking up with determination and going to bed with satisfaction.
Why I am Passionate About Being at Jersey Strong

The reward doesn't just come from the 60 minutes. Before class members are excited to workout. During class members of different fitness levels and ages are stepping out of their comfort zone. End of class, members feel proud, sweaty and are excited to come back. After class that 4% of my day plays thru my head. I see the members who got lower, reached higher, shimmied more, danced with each other, moved closer or introduced themselves. It's all rewarding. I get to help people be fit and healthy all with a smile on their face and mine!


"Warning: Exercise has been know to cause health and happiness."