Group Power, Group Ride, R-30, Group Blast, Group Groove, and Group Active, WoW PT Certified - Team Member Since 2007
Location: Ocean

Kelly Umbach

My Fitness Philosophy

I use exercise as a way to energize myself, de-stress, and maintain my own health goals. For others, exercise is simply "me time," or a way to lose weight, or a way to rehabilitate an injury. Exercise can serve a variety of purposes and help people reach their goals in assorted ways, but what matters most, is that we do it as a team. Fitness is a way to help each other achieve goals in a supportive manner, no matter what those individual goals are. Exercise offers something for everyone!

What Jersey Strong Means To Me

Being Jersey Strong is about finding your strength and overcoming whatever personal issues you may have to find success in reaching your goals.

Why I am Passionate About Being at Jersey Strong

SMILES!!! I absolutely love to watch new members progress and get stronger throughout their group fitness experiences. It's always exciting to watch a new participant in R30 progress to a Group Ride class, or a Group Power member add weight to their bar over time - but the smiles and “thank you's” at the end of every class are what make my day. I love exercise and it makes me happy to help other people find the same level of enjoyment that I do.

"Never let your issues serve as an excuse. It's easy to come up with a reason to avoid the gym. Schedule it into your day and don't let excuses get in the way."