Group Blast, Group Power, Group Centergy, and Group Core, Barre, MOVE30, 3D30 - Team Member Since 2007
Location: East Brunswick


My Fitness Philosophy

I believe that personal fitness is a lifestyle choice that makes us better in body, mind and spirit.  By taking care of your body, your mood and energy will improve.  I also want my children to embrace fitness goals in their life and being a role-model for them is the best way to teach them about fitness.

What Jersey Strong Means To Me

Jersey Strong to me means keeping our bodies strong and continue to improve in strength and fitness.  I feel that being Jersey Strong is a way of life in which we, as a team, lift up everyone that may need a little help. That may be through a great class at the gym that gets you into a better mood, it may be a through a great chat after a workout, or it may be through all the people that the Jersey Strong Foundation has touched.

Why I am Passionate About Being at Jersey Strong

I love to see the improvements in the members as they master a new move in a class. I also loving seeing the members reach their goals!  Best of all is all the friends I have made at Jersey Strong!


"Believe that success is your only option."